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Male Sexual Health Problems

Here you can check some male sexual health related problems and read their answers. The problems discussed here are common among the male population at one or another stage of their lives.

Penis enlargement
1. How many men are seeking penile lengthening Answer
2. Is micropenis myth or reality Answer
3. The myth of the large penis size Answer
4. What is the normal penis length and circumference Answer
5. How important is penile size to women Answer
6. Causes and treatments of real micropenis Answer
7. How big is the world's biggest penis Answer
8. Is it possible to enlarge the penis Answer
9. What penis enlargement devices exist Answer
10. How to exercise the penis for natural enlargement Answer
Penis pills and herbs
1. How long before sex should I take Cialis Answer
2. Which are the best penis pills Answer
3. How Saw palmetto herb works Answer
4. How Avena sativa herb works Answer
5. Can Viagra cause death Answer
6. Allergic drug reaction symptoms Answer
7. Are the penis enlargement pills safe Answer
8. How Viagra, Levitra and Cialis work Answer
9. Medications affecting the male potency Answer
10. How PDE-5 inhibitors work Answer
Penis functioning and anatomy
1. How your penis works Answer
2. The physiology of erection Answer
3. The chemistry of erection Answer
4. Penis erection process Answer
5. What is the minimal stimulation needed for an erection Answer
6. How does increased blood flow make the penis erect Answer
7. Average time before ejaculation Answer
8. How aging affects the male erection Answer
9. What is Peyronie's disease Answer
10. How to treat Peyronie's disease Answer
Sexual dysfunction
1. Is vacuum pump therapy effective Answer
2. Some causes of sexual dysfunction Answer
3. Penis bending and fracture Answer
4. Alcohol influence on sexual health Answer
5. Male sexual and erectile dysfunction problems Answer
6. How sexual dysfunction affects men Answer
7. What are the common male sexual problems Answer
8. How to treat premature ejaculation Answer
9. Diabetes mellitus and erectile dysfunction Answer
10. How to treat erectile dysfunction Answer
Nervous system and hormones
1. The neurologic system Answer
2. The hormonal system Answer
3. What is sex drive Answer
4. Hormones and their impact on sexuality Answer
5. The brain sex centers Answer
6. How testosterone works Answer
7. How the brain controls the sexual desire Answer
8. Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction Answer
9. Endocrine system and testosterone Answer
10. Inhibited sexual desire Answer
Sex enhancement and health
1. How to be a better lover Answer
2. What is sexual objectification Answer
3. What sexual effects have the antidepressants Answer
4. What is the key to lifelong sexual satisfaction Answer
5. Is sex good for life Answer
6. Is smoking good for sex Answer
7. Is caffeine good for the sex life Answer
8. How the stress affects the sexual health Answer
9. What is sexual addiction Answer
10. How to deal with STDs Answer

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