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Male Enhancement Tips

A lot of men want to have better sexual performance and seek ways to achieve harder penis erections. The male enhancement topic includes the known ways to achieve more sexual power, firmer and enlarged penis, increased sex drive, faster hard on, stronger orgasms, more semen volume, better ejaculation control and virility. Here are presented the best tips for optimal male enhancement.

Improve your testosterone hormone levels

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, regulates sexual desire and interest. Reduced levels of testosterone lead to drop in libido and decreased desire for sexual activity. Also your whole muscle strength won't be optimal and you will have less stamina and virility.

Ways to increase testosterone:

  • Exercise regularly, workout more
  • Sleep more hours a day
  • Get a massage once a week
  • Buy sex enhancement herbs
  • Eat foods rich on vitamins A, B, C, E
  • Try male enhancement pills

Improve your penile blood flow

If your blood flow to the genitals is restricted or reduced, your physiological arousal will suffer. In order to experience hard penis erections, your blood flow must reach the genital arteries.

The best known way to increase your penile blood flow, without taking any penis enlargement pills or using male enhancement creams, is to begin to exercise your PC muscle. The so called Kegel exercises will increase the circulation in your genital area, improve your ejaculation control and allow you to experience more intense orgasms.

Reduce daily stress

Stress is one of the main factors for impotence, impaired fertility and decreased libido. A stressful event triggers the so called fight or flight response. When this happens the hormone adrenaline is released in your body. It causes your heart rate to rise and the blood is delivered to your muscles, so that you can respond better to the stressful event. This prevents you to achieve an erection, since you don't have enough blood in your genitals.

You should try to find ways to reduce your daily stress levels, because chronic stress will cause your cholesterol levels to rise and it will be harder for you to achieve strong erections.

Improve your cardiovascular health

In order to have better sexual performance you need to improve your cardiovascular health. You need to maintain a healthy weight and get rid of the cholesterol, so that your heart can pump healthily. This will guarantee you optimal sexual power and faster hard on.

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